Correct Installation of Waterproof and Regular Shade Sales

Australia is known for its hot balmy weather and as Australians we love the outdoor life, but we need shade in order to get the full benefit. Newcastle Shade sails specialises in the supply and installation of standard and water proof shade sails for any purpose or application. They are custom measured and built to individual specifications which means that they fit perfectly.

Combine this with professional installation and your shade sale will stand the test of time and the ravishes of normal weather conditions. Shade sails usually have a 3 step process for installation which includes onsite inspection; post and bracket installation; and finally the sail fabrication and installation. The use of professional installers ensures that these steps are correctly followed and your sail fits snugly and is anchored appropriately.

Determining the Correct Fixing Points

The benefits of having the team from Newcastle shade sails supply and install your product is that you can be assured it has been fitted correctly. The identification of fixing points is crucial to the stability of the structure, and in ensuring that the anchor points are structurally sound and able to support the shade sail in extreme conditions. This is best left to the experts otherwise you may find that your sail will blow away with the first wind.

The heights and angles for the posts needs to placed and installed precisely and at specific locations dependent on the size, weight and type of shade sale being supplied. These are what help in ensuring that the shade sale is stretched, tightened and fastened correctly using appropriate shackles and chains to manufacturers and engineering specifications.

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