What You Need to Know About Using Shade Sails in Newcastle

Shade sails can provide many benefits for your home or business. For those living or working in Newcastle shade sails are needed for protection from the sun and wind. However, there are some things you will need to be aware of first.

Shade sails date back to a couple of decades ago when people in Australia began to use shade cloth that was attached between poles in order to make a shady spot in their yard or pool area. Since then, these shade sails have become extremely popular throughout Australia.

Newcastle Shade sails are designed with commercial grade shade cloth which is tightly knitted to block out dangerous UV rays. In fact, many cancer researchers have recommended this type of shade covers for prevention against skin cancer.

Shade sails are often used in homes as well as commercial buildings such as shopping malls, playgrounds, hotels, car parks, outdoor dining spots and restaurants.

There are a wide array of benefits from using Newcastle shade sails at your home or place of business. Aside from blocking dangerous UV rays, they also provide shade when the weather is hot. Other benefits are that these sails come in a range of colours and sizes, including custom designs, allowing for them to be used to replace awnings, canopies and umbrellas. In addition, they can be used over decks, patios, pools, porches and ponds.

These types of sails are very versatile as they are easy to install and can be attached to trees, businesses, homes or they can even be freestanding.

It is important to note that if they are used in an open area, they will need to be well secured with steel columns or wooden posts in concrete footings. The great thing about Newcastle shade sails is that they can be left up all year long or you can decide to only use them seasonally.