Waterproof Shade Sails

Professional Waterproof Shade Sails for all manner of circumstances


When people think of shade sails they automatically picture shade cloth material. Waterproof shade sails are essentially the same product however they are made from an entirely different material and as their name suggests they are water proof. Using high quality PVC materials waterproof shade sails can be used in the any application where a standards shades sails would be used, with the added bonus of having a water proof structure for times of inclement weather. These are perfect options for a carport, patio, school playground, childcare centre, street front cafes and more.

At New Castle Shade Sails we offer a greater range of colour options for our waterproof shade sails making them a very popular alternative to metal patios. The biggest advantage with using a shade sail is the aesthetic improvements it makes on a house without breaking the bank. The feelings of openness are not lost and light is still allowed to penetrate between sails as they are staggered for a billowing effect.

Specialising in the custom design, manufacture and installation of shade sails of any size and for any use, New Castle Shade Sails are your local experts in the industry. With a proven reputation of supplying only quality material that will stand the test of time you can count on us.


Made from PVC shade cloth with a plastic coating layer on one side which prevents water from passing through it is very popular for providing a protective barrier between you and the elements. When installing your waterproof shade sails you need to ensure that the plastic coating is facing upwards. Additionally, attention needs to be given to the angles and tension placed upon the shade cloth to ensure that water pooling does not occur. This pooling of water can lead to stretching and ultimately breakage due to the inability for the water to seep as with standard shade cloth.

The Specialised Textiles Association provides further information on the properties of waterproof shade cloth, including its sun protection, durability, weather protection (which includes decreases in temperature whilst underneath a shade structure) and more.

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