Shade Sail Patio

Shade sails are increasing in popularity across Australia, mainly due their versatility and cost effectiveness.

Creating an architectural statement which enhances your property’s appearance, functionality and value can be a very simple process indeed. With the addition of a shade sail patio to the front, back or side of your house, you can transform the way you utilise your outdoor space.

Shade sails can be cut and manufactured to fit any type of space and, when correctly installed by professional installers, they will last years. The other advantages of a shade sail patio are the material and colour selections available. Coming in either waterproof vinyl or standard permeable shade sail, there is something to suit everyone’s style, needs and budget. Unlike permanent aluminium patios or pergolas, the funky and contemporary colours of shade sails can be used individually as one large sail or mixed with a combination of smaller sails and colours to create interest and dynamics in your yard.


Shade sails are far cheaper and much easier to install compared to a permanent aluminium pergola or patio. With exceptional warranties available (up to 15 years on certain products), you can rest assured that your product will last for years – protecting you, your loved ones and possessions.


Shade sails offer exceptional UV protection of up to 99% and have been proven through extensive testing to stand the test of time.  

Other benefits include glare reduction and protection from the heat.

With the billow effect and natural curves created during installation of shade sails, natural corridors are produced which allow the air to travel under and through your new shade sail patio, making them very comfortable to entertain under.

Newcastle Shade Sails use only the highest quality shade material available on the market. We can arrange a quote and installation for convenience or, for the handyman looking to save money, we can arrange delivery for a DIY project.

Contact us today to have your new shade sail patio installed before Christmas and the summer heat is upon us.