Newcastle DIY Shade Sails

Shade Solutions for the Savvy


Installing a shade sail and structure is not a difficult process, however it does need to be done correctly. Supports need to be placed in the ground sufficiently and concreted to secure them. This will stop your new shade sail from being ripped out of the ground with the first gust of wind.

The Shade sail itself is relatively easy to install. As a professional company in the supply and installation of shade sails across Newcastle. We advocate and use only the highest quality and latest materials available on the market. This ensure that your new structure will not only look grand but stand the test of time.


Be sure to measure in a straight line between each anchor point and record the distance. Supply these measurements to us for ordering. Do not leave room for attachments as these will be allowed for during the manufacturing process. If in doubt, please talk to our experienced staff for guidance and tips.


Are you a builder or project manager currently renovating a house for a client? Offer them an alternate to the typical aluminium permanent structures which have no character or appeal in the form of a colourful and architecturally distinctive shade sail.

Flexible and adaptable they are perfect for any tight or obscure corner on any size block. The extensive colour range and selection of materials will allow you to select in conjunction with your client a shade sail which will complement their home in a most unique fashion.


Experienced DIY handymen will enjoy the challenge of installing a shade sail.  The added value of a shade sail in creating out door entertainment spaces which flow with the rest of the home, allowing you to have guests visit is exceptional. Capitalise on the beautiful views and weather conditions experienced in Newcastle, whilst remaining safe from harmful UV rays from the harsh Australian sun.

Newcastle DIY Shade sails can be used to create awesome shade solutions for any size application, over the swimming pool, patio cover, boat or car cover to name a few.

Protecting your precious family members and expensive property and assets from sun fade, rain and other weather conditions for years to come you will find the installation of a DIY Shade Sail worth the effort.

Don’t be scared to be bold and add colour to your home. Save yourself money by following easy to install instructions and Do it yourself!

Newcastle Shade Sails your local DIY Shade Sails experts have you covered.