Trends in Newcastle Awnings

A trend that is sweeping the country in recent years is installing an awning in an attempt to create something similar to an outdoor room. Many homeowners find that agreeing to awning installations in Newcastle give them a way to entertain friends and family outside while still protecting themselves and their guests from the heat and harsh rays of the sun. Depending on a homeowner’s needs, they have a few different options when it comes to purchasing Newcastle awnings.


Folding Arm Awnings A folding arm awning is most often used on a deck and can be retracted when necessary. Whereas most awnings fold up vertically, folding arm awnings fold up horizontally. This is a great choice for anyone who is concerned with the awning’s support beams becoming an eye sore and decreasing the odds of someone accidently banging into the support beams. Folding arm awnings can be purchased either in a motorised form or a manual form.
A crank is turned in order to fold up a manual awning while a remote control can be used to fold up a motorised awning. Certain versions of folding arm awnings are controlled based entirely on the speed at which the wind is blowing at any given time. These awnings are made using aluminum components to avoid corrosion. They are also made with stainless steel pivot pins and bolts.


Outdoor awnings are easy to install and are generally used over either a window or a sliding glass door. This is the perfect choice to keep one’s back porch shady even during the times of the day where the sun is beating down the hardest. Awning installations in Newcastle are even an incredible option for temporary use because they allow homeowners to experiment with having them in their back yard without having to fully commit to them.