Energy Savings with Awnings in Newcastle

If you’re looking to “go green” by making your home more energy efficient or simply just seeking another method to cutting back on energy costs, Newcastle awnings can be an incredibly effective solution. Many years ago, awnings were most commonly utilised for hotels, offices and larger grand styled homes. This was for a very good reason. These awnings managed to shade windows while keeping the heat from the sun out.

With electricity more costly than ever, especially in the heat of the Newcastle sun, awnings have been rising in popularity tremendously for their superior efficiency. For those looking to save a little extra cash each month on energy costs, a customised Newcastle awning installation could be the ideal solution. Vast and various styles and colours allow homeowners to integrate awnings into their homes easily and beautifully.

In addition to being a lovely cost saving measure that can subsequently boost the value of your home, recent studies have shown that window awnings in hotter climates such as that of Newcastle and surrounding areas can reduce home cooling energy by as much as twenty six percent during summer months.

Furthermore, throughout the colder seasonal months, awnings have been proven to reduce energy costs by up to thirty three percent.

Conclusively, awnings can do so much more than add beauty by accentuating the style of your home or office facilities. The wide ranging assortment of options available in regards to Newcastle awnings also have the immense power to save homeowners or even business owners money through reduced cooling bills while increasing the comfort of a building’s overall internal temperature. With the multitude of benefits that Newcastle awnings installations can offer, it is also worth noting that families can even reduce the mechanical wear on their home air conditioning unit which saves funds in the long run as well.